Daybuild Website

Built in just one day! The daybuild website is definitely not just a budget website...
We noticed a need in the market for an affordable website that doesn't compromise on quality. The simple idea behind the daybuild is... 
If it can be done in a day can have it!
Built on the solid foundations of both Oxygen Builder and Wordpress the daybuild doesn't have to end there... We use the same design ideals and exacting eye to detail with our daybuilds as we do with our high end sites, all daybuilds can be expanded and added to as with any other Wordpress website.
*Your website will need a domain name and hosting package. We also highly recommend an SSL certificate (the padlock icon in your browser). We can provide these services if required. more 

What happens on the day?

09:00 - Face to Face / Skype

We can work with you face to face in our studio or if you prefer, a screen share over Skype.


We chat, tell us everything you expect your new website to do... We'll plan the day.

10:00 - We Design

Watch us do our stuff! we'll design a MASTER template with your colours, logo and content.

11:30 - We Build

This is the exciting bit! We build the individual pages and insert content. We also build SEO in at this stage.

17:00 - Launch

Your new website goes live! Following your final approval your new website goes live for all the world to see... Crack open the Champagne!

How Much does a website cost?

Website Edits

For Existing Websites*
*This service is for existing customers.
Make Complex Changes
Add Pages or Images
per hour
Book Session


Affordable For Startups
Built in just One Day!
*Please ensure all copy, logos & images are ready on the day of your booking.
Face to Face or Skype
Design - Build - Upload
one-off payment
Book DayBuild

Full Website

Full Professional Website
FREE Vector Quality Logo & Artwork
Setup Hosting, Domain(s) + SSL*
*BYO or paid service.
Setup Email Services*
*Other paid services may be required.
Design - Build - Upload
deposit required
Book Free

Let's build a website together

Become our next happy customer with a beautiful new website that delivers for your business. We can't wait to get started...
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